Cats, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll

· February 4, 2020

Today you are a wannabe rock star blogger.

You want to start a blog. You read lots of other blogs. Seems easy and fun. Lots of fame to be had, too. Also, there never seem to be enough of them.

Yes, a blog is a reasonable thing to have. You plan to write articles that start like this

Today you are a cat.

Yes, you can cross species boundaries. How, you might ask, does the conservation of mass work in that case? The answer is simple: You are a cat. You do not concern yourself with such details. May lesser creatures contemplate such mundane questions. As this book has correctly stated: the correct answer to the wide-eyed question “Are you a god?” is still: “Better. I’m a cat.”

…and see where that leads you.

But quite frankly, you do not want to spend much time figuring out frameworks and static site generators. You want content! As quickly as possible. Rock stars are impulsive and not known for their patience.

What to do? As you already have a github account and github offers pages, why not go there? But then you have to mess with Jekyll and all that Ruby stuff.

Or do you?

Github is nice enough to run Jekyll for you, so you would only need it locally for testing. But who does that, anyways?

Therefore, you only need a nice template. Thankfully, there exists reverie.

Why not take that, make minimal adjustments and be done with it?

But just taking it without giving credit seems a bit lame, even for a (soon to be) rock star. Thus, you write a rather long-winded and convoluted thank-you note including…oh…cats or something. Seems appropriate.

Update: What’s a rock star without an audience? Nothing!
Thanks to this suggestion, you now have a comment section as well! \o/
(You only needed to make some minor adjustments for jekyll and reverie, seen here)


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